What is the function of Locking Lug nuts?

Locking wheel nuts or lug nuts are essential for the security of your vehicle. Lug nuts are fitted to each wheel, and they are an integral part of the wheel assembly. You also have locking wheel nut keys, which you need to use to engage with the pattern of the locking wheel nut. Keeping both of these tools in good condition is important.

Without a locking wheel nut or wheel nut key this puts your vehicle at the risk of theft. If you lose these items, contact the manufacturer or an authorised dealer to get a new one.

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In search of a BMW Locking Wheel Nut Key?

PMA Tyres offers the service of extracting locking wheel nuts for all types of vehicles. We understand how these essential items can become lost, and how frustrating it can be. We have worked on various BMW's from BMW 1 series to BMW 5 Series. Regardless of it being a Audi or BMW wheel lock key, we have the capability to remove it.

It's important to understand that this process is not easy, however, we have more than enough expertise to accomplish the task. Aim to keep your locking wheel nut key in a safe place in your home. Some of our clients store their wheel nut key in the glove box, while others keep it in a safe spot within their car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove wheel nuts on my own?


Attempting to remove lug nuts without the proper key or tooling can lead to serious damage to your car. This damage can affect the nuts, wheels, or even the entire brake system. Using the correct methods and tooling is important to avoid these potential risks.

Can I use universal tools for nut removals?


We know that some tyre businesses will commonly use locking wheel nut removal tools that could work in certain situations. Please understand that if you use incorrect tooling or excessive force this could potentially cause damage to the nuts or even the wheel


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