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How to check your tyre size

Finding the tyre size for your vehicle is important especially if you're looking mobile tyre fitting services in London. We usually ask our customers for these details before reaching them.

You will find in this page a brief yet educative guide on how to find each of the component of your tyre size from your tyre width, tyre profile and more. Read below to learn how to find your tyre size and benefit from our emergency mobile tyre fitting services.


Finding the tyre
size of your vehicle

During the day, finding your tyre size is a breeze. Inspect the sidewall for a series of numbers and letters, like P205/60R16V. The first number (205) tells us the tyre width, the second (60) indicates is the tyre profile, the third (16) reveals the rim size and lastly (V) tells you the speed rating.

For nighttime checks, use a flashlight or the mobile torch functionality for better visibility and follow the same process. Regularly checking your tyre size ensures proper replacements, providing safety and reliable performance on the road.

Tyre Width

The tyre width refers to the measurement of the cross-sectional width of the tyre. It is important to learn how a tyre performs on the road.

In the diagram above, the tyre width is 205mm. The measurements for the tyre width are in millimeters.

Tyre Profile

The tyre profile is a lot of the time referred to as the aspect ratio. This is a double digit number making up the ratio of the tyre's sidewall height to the width.

The tyre profile for the image above is 60%. It's a percentage, because this metric tells us how much the tyre width is taken up by the tyre sidewall height.

Tyre Rim Size

This is the diameter of the wheel on which the tyre is mounted. Mismatching tyres can cause performance issues as well as handling issues. So make sure this is correct.

The measurements is usally taken in inches. For the prospective image above, the rim size is 16 inches.

Tyre Speed Rating

The tyre speed rating provides us with the maximum speed capacity of the tyre under normal conditions. This rating is expressed as a letter and refers to a specific speed range.

The tyre speed rating for the tyre above is V. Which means maximum 140mph under normal conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to change a tyre?


For our tyre fitting service, we provide swift and efficient tyre changes, we make your time a priority. Experience fast tyre replacements without unnecessary delays to your schedule.

How long does it take to get to me?


We ensure swift response times for tyre fitting around London. Reaching most of North London in 15 mins, West London in 25 mins and South London in 30 mins. Quick and efficient service at your convenience.

Can run flat tyres be repaired?


While not all providers repair run-flat tires, we are able to accommodate the nature of this repair. You can trust us for expert service that will save you, your time and money.


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